CV. Indo Piranti Mulia is trading company and direct distributor for ZEN Fine Translucent Porcelain. Since established in 1999, our services also included in various foodservice products for hotel, resorts and restaurants. We service our customer for more fresh ideas for their needs or culinary arts and make recommendations based on your budget and concept to give the best value.

ZEN, our whitest whiteware is as the name implies the very essence of quiet, timeless elegance, loved by hoteliers, restauranteurs, chefs and discerning buyers, for these very reasons. Culinary presentation is so important and ZEN whiteware makes it look even more appetizing thus adding tremendously to its appeal.
The beautiful white hue of ZEN Western and Oriental ware is picture perfect when presenting the culinary delights of inspired chefs to appreciative diners. ZEN COLOR on the other hand will brighten up any table setting.

Choose designs from our complete ranges of tableware. You will find an abundance of shapes, sizes and designs; rimmed or coupe plates; a selection of bowls; can or bowl-shaped tea, coffee and espresso cups. Extensive as the ranges are the designs shown are but a fraction of what is available. If you have any individual requests please email us on the Contact Us page.

Decorative applications include either traditional, contemporary or modern designs and colored glazes. If you cannot find the exact decoration you desire our design team will create one for you. It is all part of meeting customer needs – our number one priority.